We’re closed for submissions and pitches for the Re-Enchantment Issue, but open to pitches for digital content Please email ideas to cunningfolkmagazine@gmail.com. We will be open to submissions for the summer solstice issue soon. If you do not hear from us after two months, please assume that we will not be publishing your work. Due to the volume of submissions we are unable to respond to unsuccessful pitches.

Writers & journalists

We’d love to receive pitches for:

  • Personal essays about how magic and folklore affect your everyday life.

  • Articles about how magic, folklore and the occult intersect with other issues, from feminism to mental health. We like articles that hone in on the history behind certain ideas, practices and movements; the influence of the occult on literature and art; pieces that strip back layers of cultural re-appropriation and look at the origins of ideas.

  • We’re also keen to hear from authors and scholars with a particular research interest that’s broad in scope.

  • Practitioner of folk magic? Please pitch us articles that introduce readers to your cosmology and practice.

  • ‘Often on my mind’ - we encounter many things in life that amuse us, inspire us, scare us, make us think, cause us to change our minds, or articulate something that we’ve thought for a long time but have previously been unable to express. These include, but are not limited to: scenes in films, books, memes, reality television, video games, and news stories. In this new web column, we invite writers to tell us about something that their minds return to again and again.

Short fiction

We are currently not accepting fiction submissions, unless otherwise requested.

Illustrators & photographers

We are always on the lookout for new illustrators and photographers. Please send us a link to your portfolio and a little introduction. Are you a photographer with a project about a particular community that practises magic? We’d love to hear from you. We prefer local stories and tend to veer away from those with a voyeuristic gaze.